Private and public organizations make use of information to create value, and most of the time they rely only on a minor part of the information available internally to the organization and externally (on the web or on structured datasets) to create knowledge for internal users and customers.

Innovation Engineering has a longstanding experience and specific expertise in designing and developing enterprise solutions for knowledge management, creating value from information available within the enterprise (documents, technical papers, clients information, etc.) as well as information available in the web and in structured datasets.

We apply semantic technologies and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to create solutions capable to discover, manage, share and organize information based on the specific domain of the companies. This is realized through the design of specific taxonomies as well as of matrixes of interest that allow categorizing as well as to conceptualize the set of information relevant for the company, which are then converted in easy-to-use and easy-to-read information for users.

Example of clients and projects:

Enel Innovation Intelligence Platform is a customized solution, based on Wheesbee,  to support access and sharing of information important for the innovation process within the full Enel Group, accessible by more than 60.000 employees. The solution is developed and maintained by Innovation Engineering, providing access to millions of documents, continuously updating documents (also through a customized crawler), with possible concurrent usage by more than 60.000 people.

Innovation Engineering has developed the internal knowledge management platform for PNO Group, called Matchpoint, that is capable of:

  • Facilitating the enterprise innovation projects’ portfolio management, facilitating knowledge management and collaborations;
  • Managing projects from inception to conclusion, allowing document management, partner management, literature searches, data analysis;
  • Offering secure collaborative projects’ management features, including file sharing, mailing list, doodle, forum;
  • Defining and store continuously updated information on European, national and regional Grants;
  • Allowing Open Innovation by sharing research projects with external communities.

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