Innovation Engineering has a consolidated experience in supporting the digitalization processes of enterprises. We support large companies to increase their efficiency and efficacy in performing internal processes and creating value through the use of available data and information.

By analyzing the current and desired usage and flow of information, the stakeholders involved, and the business value of information (new business opportunities, increased efficiency, cost reduction, etc.), we design the IT approach, taking into consideration legacy system and company culture, and implement software solution based on the Agile process, having the client involved in several iterations to develop solutions tailored on his needs.

Example of clients and projects:

For the PNO Group (, Innovation Engineering has designed and implemented the overall digital approach, identifying the main assets that can create value for the company (information related to specific documents, projects and clients), designing the overall architecture to make the best use of such assets, and implementing specific web applications to allow the company and its clients to benefit from the available knowledge.

For company TripElite (, we have designed the overall approach to make the best use of information related to the tourism sector. After the identification of the most relevant pieces of information that could create value in the business model of the company, we have designed the architecture of the solution (taking into consideration legacy systems of the company as well as of the clients), and developed a web app capable to interact with legacy systems while collecting, analyzing and providing useful information for the tourism sector.

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