Software Solutions to Boost Innovation

Innovation Engineering specialises in the design, development, and maintenance of advanced IT solutions supporting knowledge extraction and management within organizations and on the web.

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Our methodologies are based on the strategic asset of knowledge management and are based on focusing and encouraging the sharing of knowledge.

Semantic Web Solutions provide sophisticate add-ons for the search engines, that allow to determine contents that are logically related and linked to the ones viewed.

Our solutions are designed to provide pragmatic and precise improvement to organisations’ business activities and information workflow.

We developing advanced and rich Web Applications and use Open Source technologies to integrate web services and applications according with our customers’ needs.

We realize applications for mobile devices with the aim of providing our customers with a global portability and accessibility to their systems.

Innovation Engineering developed a CRM solution designed specifically on clients’ needs and based on an open source web based platform: Sugar CRM.



Our products and solutions are addressed to support customers innovation and knowledge management.

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R&D Activities

R&D Activities

Innovation Engineering is involved in several research and innovation projects at European and regional level.

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