AI based solutions supporting research and innovation processes

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  • 14 June
  • 15.00

Making Innovation an everyday habit
in your Association and Cluster!

Discover more about Wheesbee, an unique all-in-one platform ready to be made available to all the members of your association to enhance the innovation processes, allowing users also to access projects and open innovation challenges of top innovators and large corporates.



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Wheesbee is the innovative web platform created by the Innovation Engineering team


R&D Activities

Innovation Engineering is continuously investing in research and innovation, performed with industry and academia leaders in Europe and Italy, to launch innovative services in the market, and delight its customers with solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies.

Innovation Engineering is involved in several Research and Development projects financed internally or co-financed by European Commission funds or Regional Funds. Innovation Engineering focuses its research and development activities on Information Retrieval and Extraction, Natural Language Processing, big data, and User Experiences, the latter with specific focus on mobile applications.

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Innovation Engineering unveils cutting-edge AI Tools for Market Analysis in R3GROUP Project
Innovation Engineering unveils cutting-edge AI Tools for Market Analysis in R3GROUP Project

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, staying ahead of market trends is not just beneficial; it’s imperative for sustained success and growth. Recognizing this need, Innovation Engineering, a leading innovator in technology solutions, has embarked on a groundbreaking journey within the R3GROUP project, aimed at revolutionizing how businesses understand and respond to market demand. Within the […]

Wheesbee: back to SMAU 2022 in Milan
Wheesbee: back to SMAU 2022 in Milan

Innovation Engineering will present its expertise in the digital transformation and development of IT tools for the innovation management! Together with our All-In-One Platform Wheesbee, we will participate in the Milan edition of SMAU, to present its latest updates. Already awarded in the frame of the Milan 2019 SMAU edition, we continuously put lots of effort […]

NGI Assure 11th Call for Proposals launched
NGI Assure 11th Call for Proposals launched

NGI Assure launches its 11th Call for Proposals! The project, coordinated by Innovation Engineering, is aimed at strengthening the European Blockchain Ecosystem and excellence in research by supporting dozens of promising bottom-up projects capable of developing and implementing advanced blockchain technologies addressing scalability, interoperability and sustainability issues. With this call for proposals, the project is […]

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