Innovation Engineering has the capability to develop complex projects and companies web sites, as well as mobile apps. Our web sites are based on content management systems (CMS) to allow users to easily manage the contents and provide plug in to manage features such as users’ management, newsletters, access to private areas and documents, plus all the seo and marketing features required by modern web sites. We also develop mobile apps for several sectors, both in hybrid or native mobile app languages, with a specific focus on user experience.

Example of clients and projects:

Gosport is an innovative start-up specialized in technology solutions for sport’s events, competitions, training, and wellbeing. Innovation Engineering has supported Gosport in realizing the official website ( and is actively working with it to provide best in class technology solutions.

PoSeID-on wants to develop and deliver an innovative intrinsically scalable platform, as an integrated and comprehensive solution aimed to safeguard the rights of data subjects, exploiting the cutting-edge technologies of Smart Contracts and Blockchain, as well as support organizations in data management and processing while ensuring GDPR compliance. Innovation Engineering has realized the official website of the Poseidon project

Innovation Engineering has realized and maintains the PNO corporate website and all its declination for the local versions created for each of the PNO branches all around Europe.

Innovation Engineering has realized and manages a mobile application called “Enel Innovation Intelligence Platform” associated to the customized solution that supports access and sharing of information important for the innovation process within the full Enel Group, accessible by more than 60.000 employees of Enel.

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