R&D Activities

Innovation Engineering is continuously investing in research and innovation, performed with industry and academia leaders in Europe and Italy, to launch innovative services in the market, and delight its customers with solutions based
on state-of-the-art technologies.

Innovation Engineering is involved in several Research and Development projects financed internally or co-financed by European Commission funds or Regional Funds. Innovation Engineering focuses its research and development activities on
Information Retrieval and Extraction, Natural Language Processing, big data, and User Experiences, the latter with specific focus on mobile applications.


INNOVATION ENGINEERING, partner of the UTILE project – funded by the EC under the call H2020-SC1-2016-RTD. In UTILE, Innovation Engineering will develop an online market place to carry forward the FP7 Health and Horizon2020 SC1 project results. It will actively bring together innovation providers and innovation developers, combining technology push and market pull; additionally, it will also develop a value-adding strategy, aimed to:

  • facilitate and catalyse innovation to effective valorisation
  • develop a viable business case
  • ensuring sustainability of this initiative

SURVANT: SURVveillance Video Archives iNvestigation assisTant

All around the world, organizations and agencies deploy video surveillance to monitor and protect property and public infrastructure, driven by various factors like increasing crime rate, security threats, terrorism acts and even monitoring of law enforcement. The rapidly increased use of video surveillance in multiple business sectors has created new challenges related to the exploitation of surveillance video archives. Performing investigations in archives for large scale camera networks, that may comprise multiple sites, complex camera topologies and diverse technologies, requires significant human effort.

The SURVANT project could streamline the work of expert law enforcement officers and investigators, automating burdensome processes and minimizing the time to complete an investigation. Moreover, it could offer improved situational awareness and search assistance tools to diminish the possibility of missing evidence, due to the huge work load. SURVANT will deliver an innovative system, that will collect relevant videos from heterogeneous repositories, extract inter/intra-camera video analytics, enrich the analytics using reasoning and inference technologies, and offer a unified search interface to the user. Ethical management of personal data collected from surveillance videos will be assured by the system design.

The SURVANT project, whose kick-off meeting was held at the Innovation Engineering offices in Rome last 30th September, aims to develop an innovative system, which will assist investigators and contribute to fighting crime and illicit activities, improving the sense and essence of security for the citizens.


DANTE: Detecting and ANalysing TErrorist-related online contents and financing activities

The DANTE project aims to deliver more effective, efficient, automated data mining and analytics solutions and an integrated system to detect, retrieve, collect and analyse huge amount of heterogeneous an complex multi-media (videos, text messages, audio, etc.) and multi-language terrorist-related contents, from both the surface and the Deep Web, including Dark nets.

DANTE will provide new tools, techniques, processes and algorithms, which will bring relevant benefits to counter terrorism analysts and security authorities, as it will significantly support and facilitate their investigating activities, making them faster, cheaper more accurate and, therefore, hopefully more successful.

DANTE will also positively increase the public perception and acceptance of security, as its design approach will follow strict guidelines, concerning privacy and social ethics.


Biolinx project

BiolinX – (FP7)

Innovation Engineering has developed and is running the Intelligence Platform that is part of the BioLinX project, and available to its users via a set of functionalities into the project’s website.
The BioLinX Intelligence Platform
is the basis serving the data upon which the Partnering Platform is built. The Intelligence Platform is composed by 3 main data sets, focused on Patents, Projects and Papers. The first one is a collection of all registered EU patents
(about 5 millions documents), the second is populated mirroring CORDIS projects database, and the last one is a collection of open access papers that consists of about 7 millions items.
The Intelligence Platform is powered by an
internal search engine based on Apache Solr, customized and wrapped by a software layer that allows to expose the search functionalities as REST services. Each of these services have its own descriptor that makes it easy to query data
with custom filters. The Intelligence Platform allows also to provide a taxonomy that has been specified on the domain, and can be expanded adding new terms; this set of terms can be used to tag the content provided, enabling categorization
of data sets content.




The Project objective is to demonstrate how the usage of an advanced information system based on semantic web technologies can support SMEs innovation processes. DISCOVER-IT aims to fill the current market gap existing between the SMEs’
need of innovating to keep their competitiveness, and the lack of specific information technologies focused on supporting the process of research and innovation, in particular in the first phase of the innovation process when the idea
behind the innovation and its feasibility shall be defined and structured. The project results can be tested at the link:



LASIE Project (FP7)

The LASIE project aims to design and implement an open and expandable framework that will significantly increase the efficiency of current investigation practices, by providing an automated initial analysis of the vast amounts of heterogeneous
forensic data that analysts have to cope with.



INSEARCH – Research for the benefit of SMEs (FP7)

The project aims to develop an innovative knowledge search and extraction information system, to provide SMEs with useful information to facilitate the innovation processes. The project involves 8 partners from different European Countries,
Innovation Engineering is the project coordinator.


MARKET-IT – Research for the benefit of SMEs (FP7)

The project developed an information system, based on analytical and knowledge based tools, able to support electromechanical European SMEs in the process of internal product innovation.



CUBRIK – Cooperation – ICT (FP7)

Innovation Engineering is partner of the large Integrated Project “CUBRIK”, financed by the European Commission under the FP7-ICT workprogramme. The project is focused on developing an architectures for content-intensive and human-intensive
scalable processes, multimedia and multimodal search techniques.



M-INCLUSION – Cooperation – ICT (FP7)

Innovation Engineering is partner of the Project “M-INCLUSION”, financed by the European Commission under the FP7-ICT workprogramme. The project is a Support Action aimed at facilitating collaboration between Europe and Latin America on
M-inclusion technologies. Innovation Engineering is responsible of developing the IT platform that will facilitate such collaboration.



ADVISE – Cooperation – Security (FP7)

ADVISE is a research project co-funded by the FP7-Security, aimed at designing and developing a unification framework for surveillance-footage archive systems. Innovation Engineering is one of the partners involved in the consortium. The
ADVISE project results will ease the work of law enforcement authorities in their fight against crime and terrorism, through negotiation of all relevant legal, ethical and privacy constraints, and through location based video archive
selection and efficient evidence mining of multiple, heterogeneous video archives.



FORMAT – People – IAPP (FP7)

The FORMAT project aims at developing of an innovative forecasting methodology supporting decision making in Manufacturing Industries, facing and answering the 3 perspectives: (1) Product Evolution, (2) Technological Evolution and (3)
Organizational Evolution. The final result of the project will be the development of an innovative forecasting methodology, backed by a web semantic IT tool, supporting decision making in Manufacturing Industries, to be evaluated in
real test cases and extensively described in the FORMAT handbook and through an IT demonstrator to proof the concept.


PROGRESS IT (funded by FILAS – Region of Lazio)

The PROGRESS IT project aims at developing an innovative search system for funding programmes and research projects, focusing in the ICT and Aerospace sector.