Innovation Engineering has developed unique competencies and tools (see the Wheesbee platform) to develop open innovation platforms, as well as to develop a customized solution to support the management and optimization of technology innovation processes within enterprises. Through several research and innovation projects, Innovation Engineering has developed platforms and tools that can be easily adapted to the need of clients, either for developing collaborative open innovation platforms or to develop enterprise solutions targeted to support, facilitate, optimize and manage the technology innovation processes.

More specifically, what can we do for you is:


We help companies in developing complete enterprise solutions shaped on the enterprise processes, and capable to find, manage, share, and analyze internal and external information helpful for technology innovation processes. We provide companies with the possibilities to access millions of documents (including patents, papers, research projects, and funding programs) that are analyzed through Natural Language Processing techniques, as well as organize internal documents and find information into unstructured datasets like the web. Moreover, through artificial intelligence, we can support companies in the identification of technology innovations for their products and processes.


We have long experience in developing Open Innovation platforms matching information relevant for innovations, needs, and competencies of the involved stakeholders, within user-friendly and easy processes to manage the matching among stakeholders, needs, challenges, competences, and projects. Our Open Innovation platforms can also be linked to other platforms in an anonymous way, to enlarge the audience and matching possibilities while leaving all the matching and users within the platform itself.

Example of clients and projects:

A customized solution to support access and sharing of information important for the innovation process within the full Enel group, accessible by more than 60.000 employees. The solution – based on our best selling product Wheesbee – is developed and maintained by Innovation Engineering, providing access to millions of documents, continuously updating documents (also through a customized crawler), with possible concurrent usage by more than 60.000 people.

Innovation Place ( is one of the leading open innovation platforms in Europe with more than 20.000 registered users, developed by Innovation Engineering for the PNO Group, and used in several projects. It provides access to information like grants and projects, supports the management of large-sized collaborative projects, and facilitate the matching among organizations with similar interests.

For the European Council of Chemical Industry, we have developed GRANT-IT ( a portal to provide updated information on grants and projects and match them with users’ interest and specific topics of interest.

For the SESM consortium (now part of Leonardo company) we have developed the “innovation hub”, a system capable to manage collaborative projects (organizations, partners, documents). The platform has a public front end accessible by external parties collaborating with Leonardo, and an internal back-end (installed in private server) to manage sensible internal information, guaranteeing full security while allowing for information sharing.

BIOPEN  ( is an open innovation platform focused on the bio-based industry, developed by Innovation Engineering to facilitate the match among SMEs, industries, research centers, and projects in the bio-based area.

In the aerospace sector, we have developed the CATER platform ( to facilitate the knowledge sharing and access within the aerospace sector, in particular, related to time efficiency in aeronautics.

In the bio-based sector, we have developed part of the Biolinx platform, to provide bio-based industries in Europe with easy access to pre-selected ad tailored information necessary for the innovation processes, such patents, scientific articles, etc. The platform manages more than 18 million documents and hundreds of users.

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