Our solutions support organisations in gathering, sharing and using relevant data for their innovation processes and knowledge management needs.

We have developed advanced solutions, based on information retrieval and NLP techniques, to manage and support innovation processes. Our solutions facilitate the access, share and usage of information such as organizations competences, interesting project ideas, funds for R&D, papers and patens, and support the usage of advanced innovation management techniques such as TRIZ and QFD.

OPEN INN©a powerful framework for Open Innovation communities and web sites

OPEN INN© is a framework based on Open Source technologies and with a proprietary back-end modules developed in Java, allowing a comprehensive and effective implementation of Open Innovation communities and/or open innovation modules within existing web sites.

OPEN INN© provides:


A customisabile (in graphic and users look&feel) Front End providing a set of information that can include funding programs for R&D, projects in R&D seeking partners and collaboration, social networking features among members of the community, collaborative project management facilities


A back end providing information on funding programmes, document management (through a specific Document Management System), organization management (through an embedded CRM), and a forum


User management with different level of authorization for both the back end and front end


Web Services for the integration in organizations web sites of a search engine that queries a comprehensive database of European and National Grants, and for browsing R&D projects seeking collaborations

OPEN INN© is offered as a service or as product, and includes the always update information on grants and projects.

The OPEN INN© in its full installation or in the form of web services for projects and grants is used by:


Intermediaries(associations, chamber of commerce, development agencies, etc.) to develop their own open innovation communities, or including in their current web sites a searchable engine on always updated database of grants and projects


Large Enterprises to manage their approach to collaborative and funded research projects

MARKET ITa tool supporting Innovation Processes

MARKET IT is an Innovation-Process supporting tool; it is the result of a research project co-funded by EC and participated by Innovation Engineering. It is an operating information system capable to support SMEs and Large industries, in structuring and systematizing internal products innovation processes.

MARKET IT is composed by different modules, accessible via web in a collaborative working environment, guaranteeing to the users:


A document management system


A search system (including its own crawler) able to find relevant information in the web and in the company repository to support the innovation of specific products/processes


A toolbox to support product innovation through a combined usage of the TRIZ and QFD methodology


A toolbox to support market analysis through the usage of QFD and relevant information

The MARKET IT solution is offered either as a service (hosted by Innovation Engineering) or installed in clients premises. The offer may include support from experts of TRIZ to guide users in the innovation processes.


WHEESBEEknowledge search and extraction engine for technology innovation

WHEESBEE is an advanced search solution offered to SMEs and Large industries focused on technology innovation, that can be integrated in existing enterprise information systems or used in a stand-alone modality.

WHEESBEE supports the technology innovation processes, by extracting information present in the web as well as in internal repositories (such as patents, scientific papers, other documents, etc.), through advanced knowledge search, retrieval and analysis techniques.

WHEESBEE works using semantic spaces for lexical semantic information in Information Retrieval. It is able to search and retrieve relevant knowledge from weakly structured content as well as formalized databases, and provides the following features:


Monitoring and alert of web site news


Constant crawling for suggestions and recommendations of relevant web sites, documents, etc.


Ranking and filtering documents (patents, scientific papers, web sites, other documents) with respect to users’ interest


Finding patterns within documents to support the innovation processes


Clustering of information retrieved for an easy browse and analysis

WHEESBEE is a Business Intelligence tool, supporting researchers, decision makers and CEOs in finding relevant information to inspire, assess, and plan research and innovation actions.

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