Wheesbee is a platform for systematic innovation, highly customizable according to the needs of your company. The main modules can be customized to better support innovation processes and integrate with existing software solutions.

Stop the proliferation of software in the company: one for patent search, one for competitor analysis, one for collaborative work, one for technology forecasting. With Wheesbee you have only one platform, perfectly integrated within your company, to manage the entire innovation process, from the idea to the market.

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What offers Wheesbee?

  • A great knowledge base that integrates different information sources, internal and external to the company and with various types of content (patents, scientific articles, projects, financing, documents, web pages).
  • A powerful and flexible search engine (linguistic analysis and topics highlights).
  • Tools for organizing, storing and sharing documentation and information.
  • Continuous and automatic monitoring of innovation issues.


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