The objective of the GLAMOUR project is the design, scale-up and validation of an integrated process that converts the waste bio-based feedstock such as crude glycerol into aviation and marine diesel fuels. The focus of the project will be a combination of high pressure, auto-thermal reforming/gasification using chemical looping to produce syngas and the integration of Fischer-Tropsch compact reactor integrated with 3D printed structured catalyst.

The GLAMOUR process will achieve full conversion of the crude glycerol into synthetic paraffine kerosene (FT-SPK) to be used as jetfuel and into marine diesel oil (MDO) with an energy efficiency of 65% These improvements would increase the overall revenue of existing 2nd generation bio-diesel plants reducing the cost for large scale biomass-to-liquid production processes up to 35% and the CO2 emissions up to 70%. The project will focus on the scale up of the two processes to achieve a final TRL5 demonstration for 1000 hours by using 2 kg/h of glycerol in a packed bed chemical looping system and a downstream FT reactor.


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