Performing investigations in archives for large scale camera networks, that may comprise multiple sites, complex camera topologies and diverse technologies require significant human effort.

The SURVANT project could streamline the work of expert law enforcement officers and investigators, automating burdensome processes and minimizing the time to complete an investigation. Moreover, it could offer improved situational awareness and search assistance tools to diminish the possibility of missing evidence, due to the huge workload.

SURVANT will deliver an innovative system, that will collect relevant videos from heterogeneous repositories, extract inter/intra-camera video analytics, enrich the analytics using reasoning and inference technologies, and offer a unified search interface to the user. Ethical management of personal data collected from surveillance videos will be assured by the system design.

Innovation Engineering is a technology provider in the project, bringing experience and expertise in the high-level events modeling definition and in the reasoning on high-level occurrences, already developed and refined in other EU research projects.

Moreover, Innovation Engineering was responsible for the realization of the project visual identity, and has realized:

  • The project logo design;
  • The overall website;
  • All the dissemination materials (e.g. brochures, posters, roll-up).
  • R&D Activity
  • Web