Unpredictable events such as COVID-19 can disrupt supply chains and cause damages to the manufacturing sector. Rapid reconfigurability can provide resilience. The EU-funded R3GROUP project will develop and demonstrate resilience strategies for reconfiguration. The project will rely on the six reconfigurability principles to develop technologies along five pillars. R3GROUP will release an AAS-enabled platform for horizontal and vertical integrability for reconfigurability, follow the reconfigurable machine tool concept to develop production tools and technologies, and use multi-level digital twins to deploy a digital toolkit supporting rapid evaluation of reconfiguration impacts. The project will integrate innovative tools to capture the trigger for reconfiguration and perform multi-level monitoring, control and quality assessment to mitigate the reconfiguration impact.

Innovation Engineering is one of the R3GROUP project partners and we will be focused on:

  • Leading the activities related to analysing marked data leading to timely capturing customer demand shift as a trigger for reconfiguration.
  • Developing high-level decision-making tools for production planning.
  • R&D Activity
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