NGI Assure is collaborating to implement the NGI vision in order to re-imagine the Internet for the third millennium, which has to be an Internet of Human Values, resilient, trustworthy and sustainable.

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies [DLTs] are promising technologies with enormous potential to develop a more human internet based on NGI Values, but these technologies face numerous challenges that could affect its full adoption.

NGI Assure contributes to this vision by reinforcing the European Blockchain ecosystem and excellence in research by supporting 76 to 112 promising Bottom-up Projects [BuPs] able to develop and roll-out Advanced Blockchain Technologies [ABTs] aimed to close the scalability, interoperability and sustainability challenges.

In order to get it, NGI Assure will leverage on Big Data Analytics technology – provided by INNEN – to scout 1.000+ outstanding ‘Blockchain Talents’ and in FBC – the company specialised in building communities around innovative technologies – to attract and integrate outstanding researchers in the European Blockchain Ecosystem.

An agile, transparent and flexible continuous 2-Stages Open Call scheme will select the best BuPs. The NGI Assure consortium build on the experience that FBA – European leader in Financial Support to Third Parties – has on this field to make it simple and user-friendly, to allow committed ‘Blockchain Talents’ to focus on delivering solutions to important problems.

Finally, NLnet, the entity of reference in Internet domain at EU Level, will provide guidance and mentoring to tackle these topics and NGI Assure will deliver a one-in-all Support Program for Standardization of ABTs that will increase the capability of BuPs by complementing their knowledge and skills with world class domain experts in fields, such as security and privacy, DLT technologies, standardisation or open commons business models.

In this context, Innovation Engineering will bring the power of big data analytics technology – though its proprietary Wheesbee Platform – for discovering potential ‘Blockchain Talents and in general NGI researchers in the technology areas prioritized by extracting information from more than 140 million patents, 120 million scientific papers, 1 million research projects available in internal repositories.

This is a unique asset of the consortium, and an innovative way to go beyond the traditional techniques for gathering relevant information for research and technological innovation processes and identifying candidates, that will ensure our capacity to reach outstanding researchers and innovators all around the world.

All these assets will contribute to turn excellence research into standards accepted across all kinds of application domains.

NGI Assure has received funding from the European Commission, as part of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, under Grant Agreement Nº 957073.


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