Life PlasPlus

LIFE PlasPLUS is a project funded under the European Union’s LIFE programme for Environment and Resource Efficiency. The project targets an innovative technology challenging the current state-of-the-art recycling process and transforming the current downcycled or landfilled/incinerated waste in high-purity secondary thermoplastics. LIFE PlasPLUS improves the recycling of high-quality secondary thermoplastics and critical raw materials found in end-of-life vehicle waste (ELV) and waste of the electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

The three major project objectives are:

  • Step 1: Production of high purity thermoplastics
  • Step 2: Automated multi-class sensor-based sorting and separation of Flame Retardant Plastics
  • Step 3: Recycling of by-product Antimony (Sb) through catalytic conversion and hydrometallurgy

Furthermore, LIFE PlasPLUS seeks to provide a complete solution for the economic recovery of thermoplastics and by-products through transformation in added-value raw materials and products for the automotive and electrical and electronic equipment sectors.


Activities in charge of Innovation Engineering:

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