The Hubs4Circularity Community of Practice is a network of partners from industries, regions, and cities, set up under Horizon Europe to facilitate building, scaling up and replicating of ecosystems of industrial and industrial-urban symbiosis, and circular economy.

Two consortia with complementary strengths and expertiseH4C Europe and H4C ECoP, have been selected by the European Commission to collaborate toward a common goal: to drive the Community of Practice over the next four years.

The two consortia H4C Europe and H4C ECoP are collaborating with the H4C demonstration projects to develop a set of key performance indicators for Hubs4Circularity. We will define business models and promote funding and finance opportunities to boost industrial and industrial-urban symbiosis, and circularity. Together with actors from industries, regions and cities, we will identify further research and development gaps.

In this framework, Innovation Engineering  is setting-up, developing and maintaining the H4C Knowledge Platform, key output of the project.

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