GreenCharge represents an important step closer to achieving one of the dreams of modern cities: a zero-emission transport system based on electric vehicles running on green energy, with traffic jams and parking problems becoming things of the past.

The project has the objective to test electrical innovations in practical trials in Barcelona, Bremen and Oslo. Together, these trials cover a wide variety of factors: vehicle type (scooters, cars, buses), ownership model (private, shared individual use, public transport), charging locations (private residences, workplaces, public spaces, transport hubs), energy management (using solar power, load balancing at one charging station or within a neighborhood, battery swapping), and charging support (booking, priority charging).

Activities in charge of Innovation Engineering:

  • Logo design
  • Website
  • Dissemination Materials (Brochures, Poster, Roll-up)
  • Logo design
  • Web
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