DANTE provides new tools, techniques, processes and algorithms, which brings relevant benefits to counterterrorism analysts and security authorities, as it significantly supports and facilitates their investigating activities, making them faster, cheaper more accurate and, therefore, hopefully, more successful.

DANTE also positively increases the public perception and acceptance of security, as its design approach follows strict guidelines, concerning privacy and social ethics.

Innovation Engineering was involved in the execution of the activities of the project related to the text analysis and extraction, reasoning on the information retrieved and in the integration of such components within the DANTE platform. In particular, Innovation Engineering was involved in the User Requirements analysis and System Architecture definition, Text Analysis, Knowledge reasoning and fusion, system integration and application, System prototype demonstration in LEAs operational environment.

Moreover, Innovation Engineering was responsible for the realization of the project visual identity, and has realized:

  • The project logo design;
  • The overall website;
  • All the dissemination materials (e.g. brochures, posters, roll-up).
  • R&D Activity
  • Web
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