Innovation Engineering released a new generation of its platform Wheesbee to enhance innovation processes with tech-insights, partnerships, business and funding opportunities tailored
on your collaborative R&D environment.

Technological developments have a fundamental impact on the process of making strategic decisions within companies. Being able to acquire an early awareness of potential, emerging technological trends inevitably strengthens the competitiveness of companies and may consequently lead them to improve their position on the market.

How can such awareness be achieved?

Indeed, by having the corresponding, innovation-related data at your disposal, as Wheesbee has been able to provide since its early inception.

In one sentence, Wheesbee offers you a work environment for finding, analyzing, visualizing and continuously monitoring data about innovation. To do this, it provides you a large pool of default data sources, such as patents, scientific papers (that will be shorty update with new datasets) and a unique database of public funded research projects including EU, US, and several national ones. Grants and open innovation opportunities, as well as possibilities to create a save queries to receive continuous updates are also available.

Next, it offers a collection of AI and machine-learning based text-mining tools to find the right insights, such as who is working on what technology, how many projects have been funded in a certain topic, which companies are involved in a topic, or which topics are being actively studied by a certain company.

The open nature of Wheesbee’s tools lets you determine yourself exactly which question to ask and answer.

Finally, in this renewed version of Wheesbee, you get options to visualize your findings for effective presentation, setup automation and monitoring so the system can periodically repeat your analysis for you.

And of course, the more, the merrier! So, if you want to take up the job with a couple of colleagues, Wheesbee provides workspaces called “rooms” to combine and share your work.

If you haven’t yet, go check out Wheesbee yourself at and request a demo for free to or contact us for further details