Innovation Engineering invites you to participate in the fourth call of NGI Assure!

With this call, NGI Assure is looking for building blocks that contribute to providing assurances include (but are not limited to) quantum-proof cryptography, public key infrastructure, (augmented) authenticated key exchange, ratchet mechanisms (such as the Noise protocol) that securely chain key material, distributed hash tables and DAGs to make P2P interaction more secure, conflict-free replicated data types, mixnets and onion routing mechanisms, consensus protocols, distributed ledgers and (post) blockchain technologies that create redundant data sets managed independently by mutually distrustful parties, a priori usage control, symbolic and formal proofs, and tamperproof  open hardware implementations of core cryptographic primitives.

Submit your proposal to get between 5.000 and 50.000 € to develop your idea! Submission is open until August 1st, 2021.

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