Experts agree that the most connected companies are often the most successful. The extent of collaborations – with other SMEs, Industry, governmental and NGO organizations, as well as diverse research institutions – provides us for fast and essential advancement on our business.

The advantages in joining European Projects is not only in increasing the capacity to rapidly build visibility and credibility in new areas, but also in working with the best-in-class research organizations.

Even with this goal, Innovation Engineering is the leader of the dissemination activities of the European BBI-JU (Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking) EXCornsEED project, which aims to exploit the convergence between science, chemistry, biology, engineering and biotechnology tools for the creation of new knowledge and innovative applications to develop and validate an integrated process of innovative and highly sustainable extraction, purification and concentration technologies to be applied to biorefineries side streams.

The participation in this consortium allows Innovation Engineering to get in touch with the BBI JU partnership, other EU-funded projects and many European research institutes. Among others, recently Innovation Engineering got contact with the research institute with seventy years of experience ICECHIM, partner of the EXCornsEED project and new associate of the BIC Consortium: the Biobased Industries Consortium, pillar of the EU strategy on the bioeconomy, dedicated to the transformation of renewable natural resources in bio-based products through a research program and innovation activities (R&I).

In the framework of the EXCornsEED project, Innovation Engineering has designed and developed the website and it is responsible for all the content conveyed by the project’s social media channels, recently updated with a nice interview  from Mihaela Frincu, chemical engineer at ICECHIM, to know better about the institution and celebrate its membership with BIC Consortium.

Read the full interview here!