Our most important asset is people, and we like to put them first!

Each team member in Innovation Engineering has its own story, that we would like to know a little bit more.

Today we meet Giulia Ruggiero, on a journey between personal interests and professional challenges.


Hi Giulia!
Tell us about yourself…


Do you have any hobbies? How do you like to spend your free time?

I have some of the typical geek hobbies! I love reading, watching TV series, listening to music and playing games! I also enjoy taking long walks and discover places I’ve never seen… ah, among my hobbies there is also do-it-yourself!


How long have you been part of the Innovation Engineering group? What is your position?

I joined INNEN in 2013 as a JAVA Developer. Over time, I have acquired skills in team and project management and today I spend an important amount of time managing projects (although sometimes I enjoy some more operational tasks… basically programming relaxes me!). I recently accepted a new, exciting challenge: I joined the technical coordination group of the company!


What are the main challenges you face every day? How do your personal characteristics help you overcome work difficulties?

INNEN uses an AGILE approach into the project management. I believe my personality traits are in line with this approach – in fact, I have a clear feeling that this helps me to work more peacefully. It would be much more challenging for me to manage a project in a traditional way! Back to our question, the main challenge is time. So many things to do in a few hours: thank goodness I’m multitasking!


What do you wish for your and Innovation Engineering future?

I hope INNEN continues to grow, as it is already doing, and that Wheesbee becomes the platform we want and imagine. As for me… I hope to grow with INNEN and to continue learning new things every day.