Innovation Engineering is proud to present the book Big Data in Bioeconomy: Results from the European DataBio Project, developed and published as a result of all the research made in the frame of the DataBio project.

The book in open access, explains how Big Data Technology can make raw material gathering more efficient and sustainable. Moreover, shows how common software models can be designed to serve three example sectors in a bioeconomy and highlights the use of cloud servers to store and exchange earth observation and sensor data.

In the frame of the project, Innovation Engineering supported the IT research activities based on its own experience on Big Data with the support of its very own tool Wheesbee: the only platform for systematic innovation available on the market, which integrates a platform for patent research, one for competition analysis, one for collaborative work, one for technological forecasts.

DataBio, lighthouse project on big data with the aimed of demonstrating the advantages of Big Data technologies in the production of raw materials from agriculture, forestry and fishing in the bioeconomy sector to produce food, energy and biomaterials in a responsible and sustainable way, has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732064.