Innovation Engineering, in the framework of the European Project EXCornsEED, developed and delivered a video which shortly explains the BBI initiative, its impact and all the progresses achieved so far.

The video, created with the precious inputs of the whole consortium, focuses on how biobased compounds for the cosmetic, food supplement and chemical industries are being developed.

Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) also recognized the good result and posted the video on its social channel on Twitter (click here to see the post, @BBI2020).
Visit the EXCornsEED website to know more about the project and follow the LinkedIn and Twitter account to be always updated about the latest results.

In the framwork of this project, Innovation Engineering has been involved in the design of the project visual identity, branding and IT supports, from the project website, to the internal document management system, from the project management platform to the business intelligence platform supporting several consortium activities.

The company doesn’t lead only  the dissemination activities, but also the stakeholders analysis and participates to market analysis and project exploitation. In fact, Innovation Engineering  completed and delivered also the Stakeholders and market analysis, thanks its own highly innovative information platform offering a one-stop-shop to access, organize, analyse and share relevant information needed for research and technological innovation processes (

If you are looking for an IT partner, expert in dissemination and exploitation activities for your project in the bioeconomy sector, contact us!