The 3 “C”: Creativity, Cooperation and Construction of relationships (and of Lego creations!) are probably the best words to describe this experience.

We continuously try to turn a group of individual contributing employees into a cohesive team. The office daily life is built on working together interdependently and cooperatively to meet the needs of our customers by accomplishing their purpose and goals because we always believe that working in a solid team is the key element for companies involved in complex and articulated projects, as Innovation Engineering is.

For ten years, in fact, we have been building interconnected solutions based on cooperation, accepting the challenge of innovation every day. During this team building we created relationships between team’s members and highlighted the importance of communication and teamwork in our everyday professional life.

Joining forces and ideas to recreate objects using bricks helped developing expressiveness, communication, roles and leadership definition, time and resources management…but it was also a precious opportunity for relaxing and having fun together.

Have a look at our video!