Innovation Engineering is a partner of the European BBI-JU (Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking) project EXCORNSEED.

The EXCornsEED project aims to exploit the convergence between science, chemistry, biology,
engineering and biotechnology tools for the creation of new knowledge and innovative applications
to develop and validate an integrated process of innovative and highly sustainable extraction,
purification and concentration technologies to be applied to biorefineries side streams.

The project is the second year of implementation and the review meeting has been hosted in the BBI JU Programme Office in Brussels (Belgium) on 11th February 2020.

The Project Officer Ana Ruiz and a brilliant reviewer from academia met the consortium to evaluate and monitor the latest progresses and to give useful and valuable advice on how to improve performance. The BBI JU Communication team instructed the EXCornsEED partners regarding the Dissemination and Communication activities of the project.

As the leader of the dissemination and communication activities, Innovation Engineering presented all the actions implemented from the beginning of the project and all the networking opportunities reached so far, with stakeholders, scientific community, industry, but also with representatives from European Commission and with other EU funded projects.