To celebrate the recent union between Innovation Engineering and the PNO Group, the two companies came together for days of celebration.

After two years of pandemic that forced us working remotely, we spent two intense days together dedicated to company meetings, moments of team building activities, celebrations and moments of in-depth analysis.

Peter Zwart and Paolo Salvatore, members of the PNO Group board, also participated in our meetings, and with them we retraced the entire history of Innovation Engineering, we deepened the experience of CiaoTech, from its foundation to its entry into the PNO Group, passing through for his 20th birthday up to the last great successes of both.

One of the guests of this experience was Mario Moroni, digital entrepreneur who hosted a motivational talk on how the digital technologies play an important role in our day-to-day life.

We worked together with a series of both plenary and private meetings, organized to define the strategic role that Innovation Engineering will play within PNO activities. We did also had fun with and intense team building activity, that allowed us creating moments of sharing and training at the same time, and we had a little fun in the party organized to celebrate this union.

Joining forces (and ideas) favors expressiveness, communication, the definition of roles, time management and resources. All characteristics that are reflected on a daily basis in the activities that both Innovation Engineering and CiaoTech carry out to satisfy their customers.

But it was also a precious opportunity to relax and to start this new adventure with a new energy and with an even stronger team spirit.