Innovation Place

Innovation Place

Open Innovation platform supporting collaborative research

SESM Research Portal

Web based solution to manage research projects of SESM (Finmeccanica)


Solution to provide useful informations for research projects in the chemical industry

CHEST – Collective enHanced Environment for Social Tasks

Web site for the project CHEST funded by the European Commission

CATER – Coordinating Air transport Time Efficiency Research

Solution for the search of Aerospace technology-innovation related information

LightJumps – Platform for the cooperation of photonics clusters

Knolwdge for the photonics industry innovation

GAMMA – Global ATM Security Management Project

Global ATM Security Management Project

Healthy Parks

Healthy Parks

Social approach to parks usage for wellbeing and healthy behaviour

Indus3Es - Industrial Energy and Environment Efficiency

Indus3Es System aims to recover and revalue non-recovered low-exergy surplus heat in energy intensive industrial processes. Indus3Es project (funded by the European Commission) will have a relevant impact making possible an energy efficiency increase and reduction of primary energy consumption of most energetic intensive industries in Europe.

For the Indus3Es project Innovation Engineering developed the web site and logo. The web site is based on WordPress Content Management System and provides information on the project’s objectives, partners, and activities.

Indus3Es web site
Indus3Es logo